dear diary

so this is me (below). i have lots to discuss. and lots of time. i hate capital letters so if you don’t like it then don’t read. chloe is my 6 1/2 month old mini schnauzer who has inspired me (along with sb) to start a blog. ritual has been an impact as well..the lights..the whiskey sours…the good company…riri’s “please don”t stop the music” (which i hated the first two times but after 3 whiskey sours, i was in love all over again when it played a 3rd).

i love clothes. chanel. lv. chloe (my dog and the designer). champagne. midori and whiskey sours. margaritas. (promise im not an alcoholic, just newly 21) luscious cars. great passionate foods. gregory frazier and lovette depina cook the most amazing feel good food. coming soon to cities near you

music is always playing around me. in my computer. my cell phone. i cant be quiet. the noise keeps me sane.not that  i am insane, but i do have my moments. i am an only child. i deserve attention, get attention, dont necessarily enjoy it. ha! who am i kidding. i love it.

i want to travel the world and visit exotic places in my private jet. im an exotic kind of girl. i love the water, but have no perm so its just pretty to look at and splash in. i want to travel to all kinds of lovely exotic places with a gorgeous man who loves me.adores me. kisses me softly.tells me no lies. is romantic. sends me sterling roses just because.worships the ground i walk on. loves my mother.loves my nutty bad habits. i am a hopeless romantic who has been hurt too many times and has learned from all of her relationships. abusive or a fighter (in my head)

i want to dedicate ritualsofchloe to chloe (duh! i love her uncontrollably). sb-for giving me inspiration and drive. mommy (my heart and my pain in the ass). boyfriend (you let me be me. im a bitch but you love it and i cant help it) i hope to inspire people as these people have done for me.

thats all.



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2 responses to “dear diary

  1. elle

    you are just beautiful. don’t ever stop writing. ever.

  2. will

    thx. i love you no matter what you are. i hope im the gorgeous man that gets to kiss you softly while on vacation.

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