friday the 13th

nothing weird has happened. except. r kelly was acquitted. im baffled. still

im at work, constantly checking the mirror. im vain and anxious. anxious for what? my vaca!!!!! could it come any sooner? i suppose i should just wait patiently. good things come to those who wait. i just paid my car insurance ($359.00) and now i am broke.but not like a joke! and that will not stop me from having an excellent weekend. i need to get my hair did (i am aware of the improper english, but eff that. i went to an exam school. totally educated)! but i am going to be out and about and its just going to sweat in this fucking hell wave (not heat wave) we are in for the summer.

real quick:

Happy Father’s Day to everyone…except tyrone coleman. is that mean since he is my “father”? agree to disagree. he just placed sperm in my mother and married her in 86..lasted two yrs (dont quote me) and now hes in VA living the single life..i suppose. hmmph. actually happy father’s day tyrone coleman. he has a son (my brother) christopher coleman. so i guess ill be nice.

im all over the place today. im obsessing. i love carter 3.too much (never too much). i cant stop listening. i cant stop quoting. i cant stop rapping. i feel so gangsta. i feel so weezy..f baby..pls say the baby.

“get on my level

you cant get on my level

you will need a space shuttle

or a ladder thats forever……

bitch watch me 

bitch watch me”

my freshie would be so proud of my quoting and obsession. 

so i wanna drink tonight. im legal. its friday. ive worked a long week and dealt with immigrant assholes and other interesting people. lots of different folks in the world, but thats what makes the world go round. they tickle me.

so off topic. but i warned you i was all over the place. i was reminiscing about how red lobster and olive garden used to be the shit. dont act like you dont know what i am talking about!! i used to think red lobster was some upscale restaurant with delicious biscuits and huge lobsters. and olive garden was the most expensive italian restaurant where the family goes. i know im cute. my childhood was amazing. i have to post pics up. vintage me. right now i have one. i was like 9 or my bros wedding.

precious angel i was.

im out. on the phone with freshie. love her. her laugh. her love for weezy. see you soon.






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2 responses to “friday the 13th

  1. KID

    NIce Blog
    Please Visit Me Back

  2. Freshie

    LMAO! ur not much taller now Freshie!!! i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Don’t kick my ass when you see me….

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