3:30pm, burrito time

all i wanted was to eat my shredded beef burrito. i went to lunch at 3pm, did a bit of driving and it hit me. i have an effing burrito to eat. so i told my chef billy to drive to his house and get the remains of my shit. he goes in the house. comes out empty-handed. wtf!!!!!!!!! “my grandmother took it by accident to church” so, now i have nothing to eat. i could do chipotle, but someone made me feel like doo doo for wanting to go spend money on more food. chef billy then told me i could get something from bking, like a rodeo burger…should i barf now or later?..dont get me wrong, i love me some rodeo burgers, but ya know. i wanted wendy’s chickn nuggets, but of course i ran out of time. why is lunch only an hour? what am i going to do?   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i just want to eat my burrito, which is now chef billy’s grandmothers. i hope mary louise enjoys it. it was made with mexican love.


hungry! out!


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One response to “3:30pm, burrito time

  1. Freshie

    Damn Freshie, I woulda been BEYOND pissed…

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