2008 olympics in beijing

golly gee wow! so, i guess all these years i have been quite ignorant. i was totally unaware that the chinese really eat dogs! do i sound foolish? because i feel that way.

oh man, i remember being in high school and going to dudley station to go to yummy yummy for a 2 dollar plate. trisha would tell me “they eat dogs there.” as she would purchase the infamous 2 dollar plate as well.my response to her was “you are ignorant.” 

with the olympics being in beijing this year, dog meat has been banned from restaurants. they dont want to scare away the americans.shit. damn right! 

conclusion: i am totally giving up chinese food. like, foreal. can you chop this cutie (below) up and eat him/her?


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One response to “2008 olympics in beijing

  1. theHustleHER

    LMFAO they DEF cooked everything at the $2 spot!!! they failed like every health inspection they ever had!

    DEAD @ the pic

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