glamour list.

“8 things true love can survive”

[this, should be interesting]

“1.a forgotten birthday (“a” as in one and only-never again!)

 2.separate bank accounts and vacations-even after youre married.

 3.always beating him at poker.

 4.your totally f’ed up dysfunctional family (as long as you realize they’re crazy).

 5.his bachelor party lap dance.

 6.garlic breath.

 7.unemployment. that’s your “for pooer”vow right there!

 8.surreptitious googling of your exes.

….and 5 things it cant

 1.always having to be perfect around him.

 2.constantly thinking you could have done better. every-single night internet porn habit.

 4.your grand plans to change him.

 5.lotsa lust but no respect. “


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