good good

i love ashanti, really. she never ceases to amaze me, and make me lol. im completely drained this morning, went to bed at 315am (saw the dark knight, knowing i had to be to work at 8am),but im totally awake. for the moment.

ashanti and nelly are too much to handle. she makes washing the floor seem so simple, sexy and fun. i got that ‘good good’, too,. but i got ‘good good’ sense to hire a ‘good good’ someone to wash my floors. i dont do hands and knees.


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One response to “good good

  1. elle

    i don’t know what is more HILARIOUS…

    this video as a whole.

    or ashanti displaying her approval of women being nothing but domestic slaves.

    or you having that “good good” sense to hire a “good good” someone.

    BUT, in ashanti news,

    “if i’m with you, it’s going to kill you on the days you don’t see me.”

    straight up!

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