happy birthday, beat builder!

ive known this fresh girl, forever. and she gets older and wiser, and more raunchy daily. and after 22 yrs, yea i put it out there, she is still living the hood life. the good life. a young life, and her life.


birthday girl

birthday girl

so, dear christine, i love you dearly and happy birthday, bitch. build beats, 3PEAT!




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2 responses to “happy birthday, beat builder!

  1. Freshie

    OK, so I totally must be famous! Thank U sooo much Freshie, I loveeeeeeeee youuuuuuuu and don’t U EVER forget that… and hey, where’s my postcard?? Ur FRIEND is waiting…

    -“Beat Builder” (insider)

  2. im out this world hoe
    i wear bright red, like a girl toe
    as i hit the kill switch, now thats how you let the beat build

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