and the winner is……..

before i say who won, let me give you some background on the last two contestants.

Creepa- (via Despite having grown up in a rough neighborhood with many obstacles to overcome, Creepa believes that he was born to shine. He has endured many hardships during his young life. His father was shot and killed when he was just a baby, leaving his disabled mother to depend on him for everything.

As a G, Creepa thinks he did what was necessary to survive and make a living in his hometown of Miami Gardens, Fla. But underneath his hard-boiled exterior and layers of bling is a caring guy who wants to help others achieve their goals. The only question is: Will he be the last man standing on From G’s to Gents? 

Shotta- Shotta has been through it all, taking life as it comes at him. He admits to being a hustler and not being able to hold a legit job. In fact, before moving into the Gentleman’s Club, the introverted Brooklyn native was living out of his Mercedes, which he bought during his baller days. Now he strives for a better life.

Having lived everywhere from Panama to San Diego to New York City, Shotta thinks his life experiences can help him transform from G to gent with ease. But will he really be able to put his past to rest and become a true gentleman? 

and now, the winner………


Thaddeus Martin

CREEPA.. real name: Thaddeus Martin


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  1. Freshie

    That shit was POPPIN last nite baby! I loved it, fucking loved it…

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