we dont do manual labor

my mother only cooks, refuses to clean. “thats what kevin is for” 

so, why should work be any different? below is an email she sent to everyone in the company, in anger.

I am a bit confused on why someone is putting DIRTY dishes into the NON-WORKING dishwasher.  We currently have a somewhat full dishwasher of DIRTY dishes and glassware, and there are NO glasses left in the cupboard.

 It is EVERYONE’S responsibility to wash you own glass, plate or utensil, until the dishwasher is repaired.  I will be washing ALL of the dirty items, so that Jeff and Chris will be able to offer their guest(s) some water or coffee in a clean glass or mug, this afternoon.


chloe: we wash dishes and shit now. duh

mommy: I was PISSED! next they’ll be calling me Aunt Jemima. I dont do this shit at home, who do I look like – KEVIN?


the bitch is fierce. and her caps…..gotta love her




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One response to “we dont do manual labor

  1. Mommy

    I don’t do this at home – and WILL NOT do it at work. Thank goodness two other people in the office took care of the dishes!!!

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