you think you have friends, but you dont. i feel like lately i have been babbling about friendships and such, but really, the friends i have are super. the best. one of a kind, and more. i take all my relationships seriously. when you hear something about you,or a friend, what do you do? try to clear your name in a non high schoolish way, right? 

i know of a girl who just wanted some answers. i feel bad for the girl right now, lets call her A.

A is super sweet and cares about nothing but herself and her loved ones. People always screw her over and it is just so hard to trust the people in her life. Over the years, she has matured, done great things, and has fallen in love. But the people whom she used to “chill” with, are hating on her…and want to try and bring her down. It was recently brought to her attention that someone spread an awful lie about her. what is the lie? here it goes… lets name the gossip girl Black.

Black has always been jealous of her jealous-worthy friends. Their long flowing hair, endless beauty, and brains for days. Black has pretty much always been labeled a tall unfortunate disaster, say her peers. So, revenge is forever going to be in her heart. A and Black were very good friends, on and off. They went to different schools, traveled to different places, and ended up in different colleges. Along the way, they grew apart, but never had beef. Or so A thought. 

Fast forward about 6 years….

A is catching up with Black and their mutual friends. One of the friends tells A (in confidence) that Black spread a rumor about her. A has never been the type to care, unless it is something career threatening, or just plain foul. 

” Black told me once, and you can’t say anything..”

” I won’t, just tell me what she said. Why would she spread a rumor about me?”

“Well, you know I don’t like to spread rumors, but I thought I should let you know. Black said that one night, and I found it hard to believe since I was always with you two, but she said that one night you two were so drunk and high that when you finally made it to her house, you passed out in her bed. When she woke up from the couch, she noticed that you had peed her bed, but you immediately told her that it was spilled water..”

” I would NEVER..”

” But wait, there’s more. Then she said that you had soiled panties behind her couch, her mom found them and they smelled.” 

Immediately, A felt horrible. What did she ever do to deserve something like this? Who spreads rumors? What should she do? Since A is an adult, she asked Black if what she heard was true, not bringing names in to anything. Black, not being woman enough to admit, denied the lie she had been spreading for years. A, not being confrontational just accepted what Black said. But that was not all, A went to the other people that Black spread the hurtful rumor too, and thinking they might admit what Black had done, A was left disappointed.

 Now time for some Chloe advice, baby. The best quotes I have read from the net, on betrayal.

God can only defend you from your friends, but you can only defend yourself from your enemies (proverb). There are three signs of a hypocrite: when he speaks he speaks lies, when he makes a promise he breaks it, and when he is trusted he betrays his trust (Sayings of Muhammad. by Prof. Ghazi Ahmad).


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  1. Freshie

    Poor A! Just goes to show you, “bitches ain’t shit, but a ho and a trick”… sound familiar??

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