weezy f baby, please say NO baby…


what to expect, when expecting? i didnt expect these two to have a baby, together. 

update via theybf.com

“We’re hearing Weezy was rocking a wedding bnd on his ring finger this weekend and was boo’d up with a pregnan Nivea.  So we’re going to put 2 and 2 together and confirm Nivea is indeed he soon to be born baby’s mother.   And did they get go married under all of our radars?”


UPDATE: her name is Sarah B (standing for bitch), and she is a 22 yr old nail technician in Cincinnati, OH. Attends the University of Cincinnati and the two have been on and off for 3 wholesome yrs. 


via mediatakeout.com

via mediatakeout.com

stack your styrofoam’s (three times) and pop champagne.


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One response to “weezy f baby, please say NO baby…

  1. Freshie

    Literally, pls say no fucking baby! This is awful, I’m sorry bb.

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