resolutions for 09

i clearly remember walking with my friend andre to my boyfriends house because my mom was mad at me, and said i couldn’t use my car. the mature young adult i was, agreed, said fuck it, and walked to see her man. with hot chocolate in her hand. and we discussed resolutions for 08. i accomplished them all.

2009 has to be different.

1. stop biting my nails.

2. when i say im going to diet, actually do it. 25 lbs to lose.

3. take control of my life.

4. make more money.

5. travel more.

6. catch up on car payments.

7. stop babying chloe.

7. get a voice over agent.

8. call (and see) grandma more. 

9. take more pictures.

10. get a therapist.


what are some of your new years resolutions?


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