ten ways to be smart about love

one of the messages waiting in my inbox.

10.  Don’t get caught up in the way a person presents him or herself. Listen to your gut. You have good judgment–don’t be afraid to use it!

9.  Never settle for less than what you deserve. Your standards are high because you are worth it. If you feel that you are a 10 find someone who is a 10 (or at least a 9!).

8.  Don’t necessarily believe what people outside of your relationship say about YOUR relationship. People gossip—and what they say might not be true and may hurt your relationship in the end.

7.  Money can’t buy love. Gifts can be nice at times, but don’t be blinded by the bling. If it’s love, material things shouldn’t substitute for affection.

6.  Use PROTECTION! You may love your significant other, but you should love your body even more. Did you know that more than three million teens aged 15-19 are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) each year?

5.  Don’t let a person take advantage of your love. If he or she loves you, then that person should respect you physically and mentally.

4.  Be self-sufficient. Don’t depend on the relationship to boost your confidence. This way, if forever is shorter than you expected, you will still have you.

3.  Don’t put more into a relationship then you get out. If you feel that you are “Doing Too Much,” like singer Paula DeAnda says, you probably are.

2.  Never mistake violence for love. If a person raises his or her hand to you, that’s not love. Don’t go back for more.

1.  Don’t expect love to be EASY! Be prepared for hardships, heartbreaks and maybe a few tears. But know that love is a learning process that will carry you throughout life.

 from editors, lachele fernandes (age 17), and shaquillia meadows (age 15) of massachusetts.  Teen Voices Magazine


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One response to “ten ways to be smart about love

  1. nice list. with young love explanations.
    so this was good. at 24, id like to see them re-explain these.

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