do you remember when i used to love you?

will always remember when they first met. his smile. his charm. his handsome smell. the first date, they went to the mall. he wanted to go wherever she went. and she loved him for that, instantly. he made sure she was always smiling, though he didnt have to. his smile, charm and handsome smell made it all so easy. second date, they headed to AMC to see the new denzel movie. it was hard to focus. she wanted to kiss him. he smelled so good. they went back to his house, watched some tv. stretching across his bed, she made herself comfortable by taking off her shoes. wiggling her toes he commented on her feet. he thought they were cute, she thought he was. he leaned in the kiss her without her permission. and she knew she wanted to be with him, at that moment, for the rest of her life.

inseparable is the word to describe them after. a day never went by where they didnt see one another (unless they went out of town). she was getting used to this. 

here we are. years later. they cant even say good morning without a fight. sucking of the teeth is a natural sound in their household, and for what? it is not worth it to her anymore. the arguing, throwing things, running out the house in tears, him, the entire relationship. 


woke up this morning feeling like that,above. lost almost, but beautiful. had a look on my face that something was not right, but that id be alright. and i will, and so will you.




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4 responses to “do you remember when i used to love you?

  1. elle

    i haven’t finished reading, i haven’t started.
    because i just died at I GOTTA GO.

  2. elle

    “you leaned in to kiss me without my permission. and i knew i wanted to be with you, at that moment, for the rest of my life.”

    if ever, when ever things come to an end, remember the beautiful.

  3. loved this. have lived this.
    sometimes it gets better.
    sometimes it doesnt.
    but time brings understanding… and if you choose, someone new.

    dope post.

  4. freshie

    beautifully written, you wanna write something i can share with my lit class???

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