she did need her own post

so i had to re-post.

mommy: so I taped the VMAs for you last night

chloe: thanks

mommy: LIL Wayne and T-Pain were good

chloe: LOL!

mommy: That’s the way, o-o, that’s the way, o-o

chloe: what? thats the way..

mommy: I dont know the song,it was just good

chloe: this way, that way, this way, that way

mommy: I knew it was something with Way. LOL!

chloe: omg, you secretly love weezy f baby.

mommy: who?





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3 responses to “she did need her own post

  1. ::DEAD:: This is so0o my mother for real!!! She will make her own words and love it.

  2. freshie

    thats classic.

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