my co-workers decided to write my bio for me.

first one:

Like a Californian cow, Waverly is a happy and native grazer amongst the stars and celebrities of L.A. Brighter than most in wardrobe and character Waverly seamlessly laughs her way into your heart. Prone to sweet potato fries and champagne Waverly writes with the same intensity in which she approaches the obstacles of Café World. She is on level 52 not only in café management but in amazing-ness. She hopes to retire at the ripe age of 35 to pursue extensive travel and marital relations with her man, Lil Wayne.

second one:

The most thumpin’est and bumpin’est sexy lady, Waverly Coleman shocks and dazzles her audience not only with her magnetic smile but her colorful and unique approach to writing. When not inducing “the giggles” on others, Waverly likes to paint the town fuchsia and get crunked. Always full of life and enough swagger to bring any man to tears, Waverly is a force to be reckoned with. If you’re ever walking down Hollywood Boulevard and notice a sassy little momma in bright pink jeans, you bess watch yo self, cause it just might be Waverly Coleman.



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  1. LOOOOL cute…I love them both as well.!

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