i realized why i don’t trust people easily, this weekend. i realized why i separate myself from foolishness, and why i NEVER want to have a roommate again.

i refuse to live in a house with someone that does cocaine and takes anti-depressants and has a boyfriend that does the same.  i allowed my roommate to let her boyfriend stay with us while he got his shit together. you see, he dropped out of college to continue to sniff coke and live rent free. wanted to invite HIS friends over in the wee hours of the morning and when someone speaks up about it, his response in MY house is “FUCK OFF”.

then, i find out yesterday that my roommate has a new apartment and when she leaves last night to stay there, i put the chain on the door. why? oh just because she allows this crackhead ass boyfriend of hers to use her keys and come into the apartment that i live in whenever he pleases. i wouldn’t want him to steal my stuff so he could pawn it for coke money.

anyway, had my ipod on blast, playing mario kart wii and i guess she tried to enter the apartment. since i forgot to take the chain off the door, she decides to call the police instead of calling me to take the chain off the door. saying, i wasn’t allowing her to come into the apartment.

never again will i have a roommate because what black person wants the police at their apartment for no fucking reason? and the police telling me how to talk in my goddamn house? negative.

and i bet i’ll beat her ass and dare her to call the police then.



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  1. Youre better than me. Thats why I have NO roomate. Chix don’t know how NOT to give out their keys! Do u see men freewillingly giving out keys to their GFs? Answer: hell no. That shit is OD.

    but what u accept, you regret.

    cue ashanti.

  2. well, i’m guilty of letting my boyfriend use my keys, but i tell my roommate when this happens so there are no surprises. and he has given me his keys as well.
    never again though will i have a roommate. at least not a white girl. a black chick, possibly cause we can fight and know not to call the cops on one another. BOOM!

  3. elle

    LOL at possibly a black girll

    i feel like i warned you about her!

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