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“i got them runs and i want my grammys!



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lil wayne goes to jail tomorrow, and i’m really sad about it.

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joe jackson.

” Hi Waverly,

I’m not sure how busy it was last night after I left, but when i came in this morning, the return bin was overflowing onto the floor.  


I understand that Heather had an uprez last night and so she probably turned a bunch of elements in after you left last night, however, if the bin had have been cleared out before leaving last night, I don’t think things would have been as bad as they were this morning. I noticed that the boxes that have been set aside for the last few days that I’d asked to have put way have not yet been put away, nor the Morgan’s bumps checked in.

Again, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t know how busy it got for you in here last night, but I’ve noticed that as of late, there are more and more things being left over from the night before that I’m left to deal with when I get in in the morning, and things that should have been started, if not completed, aren’t getting done.

Here is a list of things that we need to get done within the near future (in no particular order):

” Vault Manager”:

  • I’m constantly trying to keep tabs on projects to return; there is actually a lot of time that goes into this.
  • Checking in the dvds that have piled up
  • clearing out things that have been authorized to be returned or degaussed.
  • rearrange to make room for the elements that are currently on the floor, onto the shelves.
  • go through and find the old hard drives that we have so that dan can look through them and decide what we can erase so that those drives can be put back into circulation.
  • degaussing old games elements that are currently up in boxes on top of the shelves.
  • Daily vault matters


  • we need to get all of these tapes checked back in and back onto the shelf (including the stuff on the back window between the dubroom and the vault). As we discussed the other day, as you are checking stuff in, please be sure to verify that each one is actually showing  as “in house”; if not, please correct. As you go, please update any incorrect info that you may see in each record (we discussed what these things are, already). I know this super tedious and really slows the process down, but it really helps speed the process up in the long run (ie: when we’re looking for them for reels).
  • We need to get those job master boxes that dan gave us when you first started, out of here as soon as possible; they’re taking up way too much room in here. We need to transfer them into banker/storage boxes and make a spread sheet of what tapes are going into what box and then update the job masters list that we’ve got. Then we have to scan each one out stating in which box they are and then ship them off to storage. I’ll show you how to do this.
  • checking in the finished elements and games D5’s that are sitting on the shelf to my left.
  • shredding old scripts (once approved) and old dvds that are currently taking up room in the cabinet (maybe dan can allow us to get a runner’s help for this).
  • helping with daily vault matters

I know all of this sounds like a ton of tasks, and especially for a Friday, but I’m not expecting that they get done, or even started today (well, some of them can be started today), but we definitely need to get this stuff started on Monday; we are too far behind considering that we have 2 people in here (granted, we’re not both in here at the same time)

Vault Manager ”


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what did i do to deserve this,facebook?

‘Account Unavailable

Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.’

is this happening to everyone,or just me?

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heidi STOP


i love chanel.


(via perez)


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the first time being called such a racist word.  and yes, i cussed the old bitch out, senior citizens dont get a racism pass. EVER.

but my tears shouldnt have been wasted on such foolishness. it actually hurt. to know that people still have so much hatred in their heart, just breaks my heart. to know that we have a black president now, and someone can still look me in my face, and be bold enough to call me a nigger. i just thought that we would eventually get past this nigger, honkey, spic, “asians cant drive” racism. 

i cannot breathe.


chloe, the nigger.


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thank you


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